For children in certain ages (3 to 11 years, for instance) it is a good policy to use a specific application that runs above the Operating System that is called the “Launcher”. The launcher is a special “sandbox” where the children play and work without having access to the some parts of the operating system. This protects the children and the operating system.

The launcher can also provide the parents with a tool to control the time the children uses the Tablet and what sites are accessed.

Young children prefer to use graphical interfaces with larger icons and bright colours. The Safe Explorers team conducted multiple focus groups to refine the best user interface where small children would start to use with no barriers. The innovative approach consists in using colour codes (children have “green” screens and widgets, parents have “yellow”), using graphical symbols instead of message text, among others.


You can customise Safe Explorers to incorporate your own brand and without any reference to others brand. This way you can design a product where the launcher is another element in your Brand’s strategy.
Your brand will be inserted in the background of the main menu, in the icon and in the different text references inside the App.


It’s not enough that children are safe regarding the apps. Children want to navigate in the Internet and play in sites.
With Safe Explorers browser (developed by our team) you can have entire control defining which pages your kids can visit or which keywords should be blocked.


When children are playing the time flies. However, the use of technology should be balanced with other activities. In the Safe Explorers settings, the parents can define how much time the children can play each day.
When the time is out, only the parent can unblock inserting the pin.