ROM Creation

Android ROM is the file that is burnt in the Android device and contains the system and all the initial configurations.
Shaping an Android ROM is the initial and most important step of a deploy.

The ROM modification service can provide the following advantages:

  • Changing the initial splash screen, the desktop background and other User Interface elements to the brand of the project
  • Including all the language files and other localization aspects (dictionaires, keyboards,...)
  • Including and suggesting the better Applications to the target of the project
  • Changing text fonts, size of icons and text to be more friendly


App Store

An Android Tablet it is a dynamic element that can be updated during its life cycle.
Educators and teachers can suggest new applications.
An App Store is a key element of this strategy.
In a partnership with Aptoide ( , Safe Explorers provides a ready-to-use App Store where you can manage every aspect of the store: choosing the desired apps from a set of 180.000 different Android Apps, manage the applications workflow (adding new apps, removing,...) and check the statistics of the usage.



The inclusion of Google API Services and Google Apps (Gmail, Maps,...) in a tablet requires that the OEM / ODM has a valid GMS certification.
The Safe Explorers family suite of Apps can be installed both in Tablets with or without GMS certification.
In the case the OEM / ODM doesn't have a valid GMS certification, the Gapps Installer can be used to ask the user if he want to install the Google SDK and Google Apps and do it in a legal way.